Digital currency in the world's largest store

Amazon opens up the pre-sale to AMZ - Supported digital currency on all Amazon stores in Q4 2022 - Get your hands on AMZ tokens early during our exclusive pre-sale


Secure Storage

AMZ tokens are stored on your own Amazonwallet, using protection measurements such as 2-Factor-Authentification and confirmation through your official Amazon account. Only access holders to your Amazon account and wallet can manage and see your AMZ.


Mobile App

Be an early-bird to the Amazonwallet app, allowing to store AMZ tokens and exchanging to top marketcap coins (Bitcoin,Eth,LTC,XRP included). Transfer AMZ tokens to your Amazon credit when making purchases online to get 10% off all Amazon products.


Exchange Service

Amazonwallet allows lightning-fast exchange with over 20 supported crypto currencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Cardano, to name a few. Exchange AMZ at any time without additional fees (blockchain fees apply). You are not obliged to hold AMZ at any time of your ownership.


Staking projects

Earn rewards for holding AMZ, get up to 10% APY on other coins during the time you own AMZ tokens in your app.


Credit Card Refill

Once approved you can always rebuy and refill AMZ tokens by using your VISA, Mastercard or AMEX. The most simple way to buy tokens.


Looking forward

It's our mission to not only provide a strong token but encourage the digital asset and crypto currencies industry. By supporting and endorsing the usage of such currencies within the Amazon store and Amazon services we set strong fundamentals.


Bonus program

During the time and volume limited pre-sale you can get up to 200% more AMZ tokens than during the public sale. Use this opportunity to have an advantage with early entry costs and bigger supply.

This bonus program is exclusive during the pre-sale and there will be no more bonus offers or special condition sales for AMZ after the public launch.

Let's Start

Token Sale

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

Max bonus available :


Ending time :

Less than 24 hours (Final day)

Exchange rate

1 AMZ = $1 (USD)

462.584 AMZ 1.000.000 AMZ Sale Raised Limit
Buy Tokens
    Purchase with:
Individual entries


Total pre-sale supply

1.000.000 AMZ

Acceptable Currency :


Token Dynamics

Stage 1a: Private pre-sale among selected communities, forums, channels. Allowing up to 200% bonus on AMZ purchases. Limited to a volume of 1m AMZ tokens.

Stage 1b: Private sale among selected companies and partners.

Stage 2: Expected Early 2023 - Public Sale on Amazon

Stage 3: Expected Early 2023 - Full release - Open purchase for AMZ tokens, exchange, global listing

Token Distribution

  • Public Sale II
  • Pre-Sale with bonus
  • Team & Advisers
  • Business relationships
  • Public Sale I


Starting today you can get access to your own Amazon crypto wallet connected to your Amazon account. After your AMZ purchase the tokens will be directly credited within the app.

Download and setup instructions will be available after your first AMZ purchase, supported for Android, iOS, Windows PC and MacOS devices.



After the pre-sale of AMZ has finalized, the full launch of store integration and public release is expected in Q3 2023

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A) are listed questions and answers to clarify the most important aspects of the pre-sale. Please always use our official support chat (24/7) for any questions you might still have. The icon at the bottom right will lead you to an available support agent.

AMZ will be the first digital token launched by Amazon. It will feature full integration within all Amazon merchants and stores, allowing easy and fast purchases with making the costs of products even lower.
On the purchase page you can swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP or BNB into AMZ (including a bonus based on the volume of deposit). Select the coin you want to use for the deposit and make sure to send the selected amount to the QR code or wallet ID specified. Please contact our support team if you are unfamiliar with this process.

You can sell the Amazon token (AMZ) at any time with your Amazonwallet app. There are no requirements to sell into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other top 20 crypto currencies. The only exception is the additional bonus amount which will be locked in AMZ. For example if you purchased $1000 AMZ and received $2000 total in AMZ then $1000 would be locked.
While this is not possible as of right now it will be implented by the end of 2022 and then you will be able to buy any product on Amazon using AMZ and getting 10% off of the original price.
The amount of AMZ bonus is connected to the amount of your BTC deposit.

Tier 1 : 0.03+ BTC = 50% bonus AMZ
Tier 2: 0.1+ BTC = 100% bonus AMZ
Tier 3: 0.3+ BTC = 200% bonus AMZ
The amount of AMZ bonus is connected to the amount of your ETH deposit.

Tier 1 : 0.5+ ETH = 50% bonus AMZ
Tier 2: 2+ ETH = 100% bonus AMZ
Tier 3: 10+ ETH = 200% bonus AMZ

Get In Touch!

If you need any help or any questions to be answered do not hesitate to contact our dedicated 24/7 live support team. Simply access the support panel by pressing the chat icon on the bottom left.